OGA Industry Development Partnership and Collaboration

OGA Industry Development Partnership and Collaboration


The Open Grid Alliance(OGA) was formed with objective to rearchitect the Internet for future as continuum of edge cloud technologies, specific to the needs of current and future use cases. With e view in mind to meet the requirements of high bandwidth and low latency application needs driven by open standards and federated marketplace. The OGA Industry Development Workstream is one of the workstreams focused on bringing collaboration across various industry led forums that have similar objective.


How can an Industry forum contribute to OGA as partner?


Industry forums can act as a partner to help OGA in numerous ways such as hosting software projects, including the OGA framework part of the industry specific architectures to promote openness and interworking. Also these same industry forums can help contribute for specific components needed to accelerate innovation and ideas, collaborate to define industry standard specifications, and potentially host sites or labs for prototypes that delivers reference architectures of OGA.


How does OGA benefit its partners?


As a partner, OGA would contribute appropriate for the other industry forums as needed such as contribute for open-source software projects, co-author whitepapers and specifications, deliver workshops and sessions jointly for industry events.


Who can partner with OGA?


Industry development workstream welcomes any industry forums that are focused on industry contribution such as open-source software, standards, framework for various use cases and federal bodies that has similar or complimentary objective and vision of the OGA as organization or with at least one of their projects.


How can we connect with OGA to partner?


OGA’s process is simple and friendly, we encourage collaboration on multiple areas of interest. For more info, kindly drop an email to our Industry development workstream email address: industry-development@members.opengridalliance.org with your organization details and the potential synergies you see with respect to collaboration with the OGA.


Process for the partnership:


The initial step is to define the synergy we see in collaborating together, may be through exchange of emails and couple of discussions. Later, we Industry development workstream may involve other OGA peer workstreams as needed and go through internal approvals for working towards formal MoU. Either we or partner organization shares the draft for MoU,and it’s reviewed at both ends to create the final version of the same to formalize the partnership and define the areas and objective of collaboration.Usually, the MoU is announced through a press release for the industry along with its member organizations.


Process to join OGA and Industry Development workstream:


If you are interested to be part of the OGA, you are most welcome to join us in realizing the vision of the Grid!


For companies that are already a member of OGA, you can register and login with https://members.opengridalliance.org/ using your work email. You will find workstream option in the homepage after logging in to view and join workstreams including industry development workstream. Kindly reach us on email if any issues: industry-development@members.opengridalliance.org


For companies interested in joining theOGA, kindly register your organization using ‘Become a member' option in the OGA’s homepage: https://www.opengridalliance.org.

We are excited to have you part of the OGA and to contribute for the OGA vision, which aims to deliver the Grid to makret, which ultimately will improve how we work, live and play!

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