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The Internet we Built

The Internet backbone doesn’t extend to the edge

Internet was built for availability and not for performance

Device and data volume is shifting the Internet’s center of gravity

New applications make demands on the network that can’t be delivered

The scarcity of interconnects at the edge forces data to take inefficient routes

So What is the Grid?

Catalyzed by the emergence of edge infrastructure, 5G networks and billions of IoT devices, the Grid is the next step in the evolution of the Internet. Globally distributed, the Grid weaves together a public and private fabric of compute, data and intelligence to enable contextually aware, immersive applications at the edge, on demand.

Virtual Details

Integrates highly-distributed, multi-cloud compute and storage substrates

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Enables fungible resources to automate intent-based delivery of unique use cases, on demand


Provides real-time telemetry for autonomous operations, predictive modeling and rapid decision-making

Hardware to Software

Spans the entire stack from hardware to software – including virtualization, orchestration, automation and application layers

Delivers highly secure

Delivers highly secure, deterministic and self-optimizing capabilities


Creates a universal control plane to deploy services across the globe with precision and reliability

The Inevitable Evolution

Data at the edge will be processed at the edge

Applications will make real time demands for resources and expect to be served

Complexity at the edge will be greatly minimized for developers through virtualization and automation

Resilience will be delivered through software high availability and not mechanical redundancy

Resource fungibility will become the new norm

Virtual Events

Founding Members


The Grid is for everybody

The Grid is for Everyone and Owned By No One

Building something as ambitious as a global grid is bigger than any one company or any one organization. It will require both collaboration and competition. Multiple implementations, alternative network routes, and different approaches to investments in physical infrastructure will create the liquidity that unlocks the pathways to new applications.

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Your Grid Pilot, Delivered

The Open Grid Alliance will assist its members in deploying lab environments in major cities, forging partnerships with vendors, enterprises, academic institutions and technical foundations. It’s not enough to promise new technology; it has to be demonstrated in POCs and labs, as well as the real world.

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Your Grid Pilot, Delivered
Commercially Viable Workloads, Today

Commercially Viable Workloads, Today

Deep industry collaborations will drive the emergence of aligned interests, which will attract the human and monetary capital to build out the Open Grid. The Open Grid Alliance will be an advocate for its members’ contributions, connecting new capabilities to real world challenges via reference architectures that deliver on Open Grid technologies.

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