October 9, 2023

OGA Sets the Course for Seamless Global Connectivity with Deutsche Telekom, AWS and VMware

OGA Sets the Course for Seamless Global Connectivity with Deutsche Telekom, AWS and VMware

MADRID, Spain – October 9, 2023 The Open Grid Alliance (OGA), a pioneer in shaping the future of Distributed Edge AI Networking, today announced its collaboration with members Deutsche Telekom, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and VMware. This collaborative effort exemplifies OGA's commitment to charting the direction of distributed edge AI networking, while enabling its members to define and commercialize innovative solutions within the alliance.

In a groundbreaking proof of concept (POC), Deutsche Telekom, in partnership with AWS and VMware, has unveiled a globally distributed enterprise network that demonstrates the power of collaboration within the OGA ecosystem. This network seamlessly combines Deutsche Telekom's connectivity services with third-party resources, bringing together compute, storage, and connectivity elements across multiple campus locations in Prague, Czech Republic, Seattle, USA, and an OGA grid node in Bonn, Germany.

“The Open Grid Alliance is thrilled to witness and participate in this pioneering POC, showcasing the power of collaboration amongst our esteemed members,” said Kaniz Mahdi, SVP of technology architecture and innovation at Deutsche Telekom and Chair at Open Grid Alliance. “This demonstration underscores the OGA's mission and emphasizes our commitment to fostering innovation within our group. With Deutsche Telekom’s leadership, along with AWS and VMware, we are redefining the boundaries of connectivity and paving the way for a future where seamless global connectivity becomes a default assumption, benefiting enterprises worldwide."

Designed with advanced AI-based applications in mind, this network optimization enables real-time resource allocation for use cases like video analytics, autonomous vehicles, and robotics. The POC's use case focuses on AI-supported Video-as-a-Service, demonstrating distributed AI and centralized analytics. The global enterprise network integrates private 5G wireless solutions, AWS services and infrastructure, VMware's multi-cloud telco platform, OGA grid nodes, and industry leading network function ISVs for RAN/Core functions. This seamless convergence is made possible by leveraging the AWS backbone and infrastructure. Leveraging OGA architectural principles for distributed edge AI networking, an OGA grid node was established on Dell infrastructure in Bonn, facilitating seamless connectivity for AI-supported applications across different locations.

“VMware is proud to support this Proof of Concept --contributing know-how and a modern and scalable platform that aims to offer the agility required in distributed environments,” said Stephen Spellicy, vice president, Service Provider Marketing, Enablement and Business Development, VMware, Inc. “VMware Telco Cloud Platform is suited to deliver the compute resources on-demand wherever critical customer workloads are needed. As a founding member of the Open Grid Alliance, VMware embraces both the principles of this initiative and the opportunity to collaborate more deeply with fellow alliance members AWS and Deutsche Telekom to help meet the evolving needs of global enterprise customers.”

For more information about OGA and its mission, please visit https://www.opengridalliance.org/.

About Open Grid Alliance (OGA):

The Open Grid Alliance (OGA) isa pioneering organization dedicated to shaping the future of distributed edgeAI networking. OGA brings together industry leaders, innovators, and technologyvisionaries to collaboratively define, develop, and commercialize openstandards and solutions for distributed edge AI networking. By fosteringcollaboration and innovation, OGA aims to create a world where seamless globalconnectivity and distributed AI networking redefine the boundaries ofpossibility.

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